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Teen Vitality was borne out of working with and raising children in an expat community. A lot of families move to Amsterdam feeling isolated and overwhelmed. It is very important for a child's self-esteem that they feel a sense of belonging. Whether you are new to the expat circuit or your child is a third culture kid, Teen Vitality is here to help each child find their own sense of belonging and where they fit in the world today. Gen Z are a generation who are more diversity inclusive than any other, they are also facing an uncertain future. This brings so many life choices and options that it can become quite confusing to make rational and informed decisions. Teen Vitality will help to give you direction and focus, really get to the core of who you are and what you want to be.

Teen Vitality is also here to support you in times of crisis and need. Talking and sharing your troubles with someone outside of the school community and family can be a cathartic and rewarding experience.

Resilience isn't about bouncing back, it's about bouncing forward!

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